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The New Business Empires Needed


This would serve the needs of a great number of overlooked market (small businesses and young adult entertainment; a perfect matrimony):

  • Effective Local Small Business Advertising; it is hard for small businesses to advertise compete with big ones.  Having certain types of businesses featured here by their locality will put them on the same level.  Nobody is doing this.
  • People would also come here to see what best:
    • Hairstyles they can locally get;
    • Foods they can locally get and their prices;
    • Amenities local [small] businesses offer; which alone would bring more traffic (sales) to their businesses;
    • Houses;
  • Positively Super; this is where people can post and network with others to get their invention … ideas going.  Most times people lack money; well this would bring the people together who can give it to them or work with them to make their inventions .. (non-profit) happen.  People would be able to post their ideas and offers on the Facebook page; www.positivelysuper.com.
  • Truthful Intentions of Politicians; we ask and show the answers of what politicians think; like are they racist, do they intend to greatly help the minorities, what they done in the past according to what they stated, what they say they plan to do.  This information will spread and let us know to vote for them or not.
  • There are other things that would be offered like:
    • T-shirts … that may one aware;
    • Avon Cosmetics
    • Wigs for sale
    • Simple Web Design service for small businesses; which we tell those who subscribe to us.


Blacks need to learn how to fix their communities and overcome racism in discrete lessons.  They also need hip spiritual entertainment.  If you are turned off to this then it is ok; it is for blacks anyway-you would not care nor understand the significance.

  • The books; these are the books we need to live by, written by Williejay T. Strong; he is an really anointed very inventive squeaky clean image black engineer graduate; These books are very important; no other books laid out how to fix the black community, how to go about marriage so discretely and how to communicate and/or treat each other ….
  • Spiritual Teachings; these are discrete lesson by Williejay.  They are the lessons we need like:  young children basic behavior teaching, home values to have … to how to go about marriage.  These lessons took Williejay about 20 years to create and he diligently worked on them the whole time;
  • We plan to have forums that meet at certain times to discuss key controversial family issues with a particular focus on blacks.  People have shown to be addicted to our posts which are featured on Facebook (www.StopTheCycle.info).  And kids will love the posts for them, which from teen chat date questions for them.
  • Youth Entertainment; song talent radio, comedy talent radio, teen chat dates … and a hip cartoon.  Kids love talent shows-to review other kids’ talents to compete with.  We have it situated such that Adults can show their talent too.  The cartoon will be a hip cartoon for teaching most smart key things of how to live-Jay:  Boys and Girls; we have all the lesson outlines for the cartoon;
  • Outreach; we tell blacks how to improve their communities and how to overcome racism, thru text; if you do not think blacks have the need of overcoming racisms and improving how they live then you are greatly wrong.  His books The Black Decline and The Black Decline Part II are on amazon.com/author/williejaytstrong; click on the book on that site (amazon might not pull his books up).
  • Also important is Real Dope food which Boom-Chicka-Boom.com is a part of (the later being recipes and food product suggestions).  Blacks know how to cook …. And Williejay is one of them.  We would sell these food products, recipes … in the perfect way that we would not be limited by big stores to make sales;
  • We will have the coolest clothes for young in mind; things that they always thought about and wanted.
  • And we will provide coaching (love relationship, life and Christian Hip).


There are so many adults who suffer from depression.  Well Williejay suffered from mental illness too and wrote books on exactly what he did to overcome them.  The site will be fore:

  • Life coaching
  • Deep Depression Forums
  • Schizophrenia Forums

Which the forums teach a lesson each meeting and have a certain meeting time to get the best peer experience without having to leave the home.

  • A service to have conversations with “lonely people” which is greatly need for people with mental illness, who do not have family (such as those in nursing homes).  This could be a non-profit.

His books on schizophrenia would so greatly help people as soon as they start having symptoms.

Please read the page on this site which shows:

Williejay’s Discoveries (key, read this)

Williejay’s Business Chart (Complete Idea)

If you are interested in helping/investing into anything here/… then let Williejay know at e-mail:  WilliejayTStrong@Yahoo.com.  Make sure you do a live video chat with him thru skype:  “Williejay T. Strong born 1975.”  To make sure you are talking to him; see his picture on page Williejay’s Pic.

Williejay has invention ideas too that he can give you scoops about.  One being www.TheMatchingService.com which would solve our problem of finding the right mates and friends in life; this model took about 18 years to develop.

New better life needed.

God shed his light on this.

If we do not water it then it will not grow.

Positive Moods

The only way we will fix the USA is to work with people who know how to fix it.

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